Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina Wazed is a Bangladeshi politician, daughter of Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh. As of 22 January 2024, she is the world’s longest-serving female head of government.

Early Life:

Sheikh Hasina was born on September 28, 1947, in Tungipara, Gopalganj, British India (now in Bangladesh).
She is the daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding leader of Bangladesh and the country’s first President and later Prime Minister.

Political Career:

Sheikh Hasina became involved in politics during the 1960s when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan. She played a prominent role in the movement for Bangladesh’s independence.
After Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, Sheikh Hasina’s father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, became the country’s first President. However, he was assassinated in 1975 along with most of his family members, except for Sheikh Hasina and her sister Sheikh Rehana, who were in Germany at the time.

Founding the Awami League:

In the aftermath of the assassination of her family, Sheikh Hasina lived in exile for several years. She returned to Bangladesh in 1981.
Sheikh Hasina became the President of the Awami League, one of the major political parties in Bangladesh, in 1981. She has been the leader of the Awami League since then.

Prime Ministerial Terms:

Sheikh Hasina served as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for multiple terms. She was first elected as Prime Minister in 1996.
She has implemented various development projects and economic reforms during her tenure as Prime Minister.

Achievements and Policies:

Sheikh Hasina’s government has been credited with economic development, poverty reduction, and improvements in various social indicators.
Her administration has also faced criticism on issues such as human rights concerns, media freedom, and political opposition.

Awards and Recognition:

Sheikh Hasina has received several awards and honors for her contributions to politics and development, both nationally and internationally.

Personal Life:

Sheikh Hasina is married to M. A. Wazed Miah, a nuclear scientist. He passed away in 2009.
She has two children: Sajeeb Wazed, an information technology consultant, and Saima Wazed, a public health advocate.
It’s important to note that political situations and details about individuals can change, so it’s advisable to check more recent sources for the latest information about Sheikh Hasina.

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