A bunch of young people who are working for make a better nation

Kamrun Nahar Oishi
Speaking of early February 2016, winter is saying goodbye. At that time, a group of young
people distributed winter clothing to 200 poor people. There was also a blood donation
campaign. This is how the journey of Ignite Youth Foundation started.

What is Ignite Youth Foundation?
Ignite Youth Foundation (IYF) is a non-profit organization run by a group of committed youth
dedicated to the betterment of underprivileged and poverty-stricken children of Bangladesh. The
organization was founded in 2nd February 2016 by Muhammad Jahirul Islam a dreamer of
illiteracy free Bangladeshi youth. Bangladesh being a third world developing country, suffers
from chronic poverty and illiteracy.

How does the journey started?
2016 winter when Muhammad Jahirul Islam with his friends going to Airport railway station to
distributed winter cloths to poor peoples some of the child came run to them & said that we
need education not cloths. From that day he realized to create an educational platform for slum
children so that they can get equal education opportunity & not addicted to any crime &
participate to a change of the nation.

What is their education project?
The Education Project of IYF was launched in 2017 with 35 children`s, class of two-room and an
intention to develop a school model for poor, rural children, especially girls which would equip
them with basic reading, writing, numeracy and life skills. The poorest people, who mostly live in
slum areas, cannot find enough employment opportunities to sustain their families, let alone
send their children to schools. Lack of proper education is the reason their families cannot get
out of this cycle of poverty. As Education is a basic human right, vital to personal & societal
development and well-being. Through IYF education project deprived child also get nutritional
foods, free health checkup benefits besides education.

What are the future projects of Ignite Youth Foundation?
Founder of Ignite Youth Foundation has a dream that one day this project helping the
marginalized children to get better opportunities to be educated and to contribute to the
development of society & also protects Girls Child from Child Marriages, Trafficking, Domestic
Servants, and Eradication of illiteracy & Provides Good Quality Education.
Ignite Youth Foundation has three core projects which are, Educational program, Youth
program and Blood bank. Through education program it's providing "Free of cost education". It
believes that when education and youth are associated, a country can move forward very

How many people are connected with Ignite Youth Foundation?
Ignite Youth Foundation has more than 11 thousands of volunteers. It has 20 members in
charge of management. They are working more four districts, including Dhaka. They will launch
online school service by 2021. Every member here is young. Because of this group of young
people the name of this foundation is youth foundation.

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