Mehenil Tasneem Joya’s novel “” is now in pre-order.

The book is being published by Shobha Prokash. The cover of the book is made by popular cover artist Dhrubo Esh. The book can be found in any district of the country. Not only that, the book will be available at Ekushey Book Fair.

Novel Antopurer Antorale
Antopurer Antorale Novel

Mehenil Tasnim Joya is very excited to write a book for the first time. Joya said, “I have been writing since I was very young. When I was in school, I would write two or four lines of poetry whenever I found a pen and a notebook in front of me. From the habit of writing little by little, a different kind of love for writing has been born. I started writing books from that place of love.”

Mehenil Tasneem Joya’s novel “” is now in pre-order.
Mehenil Tasnim Joya

She added, “This is my first novel. I have tried to present the characters in a beautiful way. This is my first attempt as a writer. I tried my best to standardize the book. Books are a means of enjoyment. I hope readers will find it in my book easily.”

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