Photographer Nayeem Ibn Matiur Captures Incredible Black & White Images

“Meet Nayeem Ibn Matiur, a dedicated student in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Public Health at North South University, Bangladesh, and a multifaceted street and travel photographer from Sylhet.

Nayeem embarked on his photographic odyssey in 2014 armed with nothing but a mobile phone, evolving over the years to include a Nikon camera and a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, elevating his craft to new heights.

Beyond the academic realm, Nayeem immerses himself in the world of photography, drawing inspiration from renowned photographers through online and offline courses.

His passion for capturing diverse lifestyles has taken him on a visual exploration, where each frame tells a unique story of the places he’s traveled and the people he’s encountered.

Nayeem’s keen interest in environmental photography reflects a commitment to raising awareness through visual storytelling. He has enriched his skills through workshops, including an online session under the guidance of his favorite photographer, Din Mohammad Shibly. Influenced by notable photographers like Mohammad Rakibul Hassan, Din Mohammad Shibly, and Moniruzzaman Sazal, Nayeem continues to carve his niche in the realm of environmental photography.

Join Nayeem Ibn Matiur on his photographic journey, where academia and artistry intersect, creating a visual narrative that not only captures the lens but also the heart and soul of the diverse landscapes he explores.”



Photographer Nayeem Ibn Matiur Captures Incredible Black & White Images


Street Stories

Taste of Freedom

Joy of Childhood


Father's Love

Fly High

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